Curls and Swirls.




Have you seen this design before and wondered how it was done?


I had made this quilt before, in a larger version with very difficult hand piecing but found a simpler way. This quilt has one template and three pieces to each block, including the background. These samples are hand appliquéd but an invisible machine appliqué would work just as well. The curves are easy. The only difficult part is to remember to make half the blocks reversed. We have made this quilt with two and four background colors, each with different effects. More subdued colors could accent the yin-yang design.


This quilt design came from a guild challenge with a theme of ‘opposites’. I had made this quilt in larger sized with much difficulty. I liked the motion of the pieces and how the colors change with the different background colors.


The accent pieces are paper-pieced snails trails which is a geometric version of the same yin-yang design.


We would love to see the fabrics you pick out to make this simple design.


CAS103: $9.00



Beautiful in Batiks.