Diamonds in the Rough               

28” X 28” Wall Quilt

Quick piece circles without set in curves combine for this quick wall quilt in many color combinations.

Do you have a big print fabric you don’t know what to do with it? Something you don’t know why you purchased it but like the diverse combination of colors? Fascinated by the color combinations but don’t know what to do next? I-spy fabric, floral prints, abstracts and any contrasting combinations with multiple colors can be used. 

One Big Print Fabric, one high contrast plain fabric and one blending plain fabric can easily be cut from leftovers from other projects.

(2) 6” by WOF strips of each of the 3 fabrics plus borders will make this quilt.

Also available in as a 12” mini quilt, with 3” circles.  Send me proof that you purchased this pattern and I will send you directions for the mini version.

Watch for the next three versions adding variations for more intricate diamonds, quilting options and the WOW factor, still made from the same amount of fabric.