What do I do with the Scraps???

Heart Pincushion or Coaster

When making the Hearts in Bloom pattern, you will cut away 64 scraps from behind the heart pattern pieces that are just too big to throw away.

I laid out the series of steps in the photo below to make a heart pin cushion or set of coasters with this scraps.

1. Trim away the excess background fabric as per the pattern instructions.

2. Match them up, right sides together, as red and white pairs.

3. Sew a 1/4” seam down one straight side. Press seams open.

4. Attach another pair to create a flower, alternating red and white. Press the seams open.

5. Use the template (June Taylor flower series) to trim the edges to the same shape.

6. Lay 2 flowers right sides together, again alternating the red and white hearts. On the top side, mark the turning point on each of the 8 inside points. This will insure that your turns will be evenly spaced.

7. Sew around the outside curve, pivoting on the turning points.

8. On one side, open the center seam enough to turn the flower. Turn the flower right side out and smooth and push out all edges.

9. Stuff with fiber fill for a pincushion or insert 2 layers of batting for a coaster. Re-sew the center seam to close it.

10. Pin cushion: Attach a button in the center, pulling the threads thru to the back center for a tight fit and added puffiness.


I still have 32 flowers from the spring version that need to be put to use. Maybe a border design for a sampler quilt?



Click Here for a printable PDF version of these instructions.