Hearts, ‘hollow’ Heart Rings, and Heart Rings filled with a contrasting fabric can be arranged into endless combinations for a sampler Heart Quilt.

Can you tell which blocks repeat in this sampler? Exchanging the Filled Hearts with Heart Rings creates a very different effect. How many other combinations can you make? If you are hesitant to make your own designs, this pattern can be a good lesson to help you start. Two examples are given for each Block but more can be made.

Changing the fabric changes the look again! Hearts look like shamrocks and flowers, all from the same simple patch. Pick a contrasting color for the Heart fabric, one that you don't think of as Hearts and watch out---what a different look!Watch for the next sampler of pink, lavender and a heart filled background, perfect for a special little girl's bedroom.

Stitch by hand applique or machine appliqué;the designs and techniques are the same. A heart is one of the easiest designs to applique whether as a beginner or experienced appliquér. The angles of these hearts are square corners and the curves easy. Applique the outside of each Heart and then trim out the center and applique again. Diagonal and vertical line assure easy, symmetrical placement.

Three sizes of Hearts patterns are included. Use the Large and Medium Hearts for 12” blocks or the Medium and Small Hearts for 8” blocks.12" blocks sewn by machine applique can be quilted quickly. 8" blocks sewn by hand applique can be a stunning display of the quilter's skills. Only the quilter will know how simple it really is. The same three heart templates given the quilter the same endless combinations for the quilting design whether by hand or machine. Look closing at the samples for variations of the templates used in the quilting.

You will be as 'hooked on hearts' as I am.



 For instructions on how to modify this pattern to make a full size quilt CLICK HERE


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