Little Baltimore Bouquet





A mini Baltimore Album style sampler of 3-dimensinal flower bouquets.

 Traditional red and green bouquets pop out on a white hand quilted background.


If you enjoy hand appliqué, you probably aspire to make a Baltimore Album quilt. Or, like me, gave away the one you made and don’t want to spend a couple of years making another one.

This small version is a great way to show off your appliqué skills and make a spectacular quilt in much less time. The blocks are simpler versions of traditional Baltimore Album blocks with three dimensional flowers. Gathers, folds, rushing and stuffing create special effects. The directions of each flower have several diagrams as well as written instructions. A template for the scalloped border is also included. The quilting on the sample is ½” cross hatching and lines in the border.

The first version of this quilt had appliquéd flowers in the border but we think the simplicity of the plain, scalloped border better showcase the miniature blocks much like a well choosen picture frame and mat.

The red and green blocks are traditional color choices. This is MY reason to collect red and green fabrics for my stash. I plan to make a version of this quilt for each season of the year---spring, summer and fall. These same 3-D flower techniques could be used to make many other types of flowers---sunflowers, roses, pansies, violets. My name tag for guild uses one of these flowers in purples.

This quilt would make a good block of the month for a small group project. The blocks could be enlarged from 6” to 8” and groups of 4 blocks made into a quilt. What would be the effect of a dark background and pastels as flowers and leaves?


LLB103          Retail: $15.00